Commercial Cleaning/ Janitorial Services

Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

We guarantee that you won’t have to worry about your cleaning service provider ever again. 

Create a healthier, happier workplace with OH! That’s Clean’s commercial cleaning services

Get rid of the headaches caused by unreliable cleaning services – let us put you at ease, with our professional commercial and janitorial services. 

Our team of cleaning experts use the latest techniques and processess to deliver a high standard of clean that you can trust and depend on. With our color coded mirco-fibre cloths we avoid any risk of cross contamination, we use HEPA filter vacuums, and eco friednly cleaning products. 

We’ll make sure your business looks its very best every day, so you and your employees can focus on productivity. 

Our commercial cleaning/ janitorial services create a cleaner and more welcoming enviornment for your employees and guests. With professional cleaning, you’ll be providing a healthier workplace that is home to fewer harmful bacteria and viruses. 

Our commercial and Janitorial services ensure: 


high touch areas are disinfected to keep your enviornment safe from harmful bacteria and viruses

Spot free 

Glass surfaces and doors stay spotless with regualr cleaning, even in areas of heavy use 

Staff areas are maintained 

Kitchen and common areas are clean and tidy, making it easier to maintain the highest standard of hygiene

Client areas are clean and inviting

Client areas remain clean and inviting, providing a great first impression for customers. 

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This is one of the things we do best!

Customer washrooms are kept clean

Clean washrooms for customer and staff use ensure a comfortable and positive experience

Waste management 

Our cleaning crews ensure effective waste managment throughout your facility 

Excellent overall cleanliness

Our crews will maintain the overall cleanliness of your facility with our comprehensive cleaning services.

Customized cleaning plan 

Our cleaning plans are always custom to your needs, get in touch to disucss your needs!